Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

*colour your life contest*

Assalammualaikum gals..
in this post i'll try to join a contest that wanna show how colour your life.. :D
i'm so nervous.. because this is the frist time i'm join a contest.. hee
this contest created by miss weegorgeous from malaysia..

this the picture that i wanna like to join in this contest.. check this out..


my outfit

this is my full outfit.. blue for a harrem pants.. green for a tee.. baby pink for a blazzer.. baby blue for a pasmina.. black for a inner hijab.. red for a shoes.. and brown for a belt..

you wanna join too.. click here

ok that's all.. hopelly i win.. amiien.. :D
see u..


8 komentar:

IFA Athirah mengatakan...

smartnye warna yg kamu guna :) http://www.geekintherainbow.blogspot.com/

poe mengatakan...

@ ifa : thx u dear.. ^^ u're so cool too..

Sari.ameL mengatakan...

mau ikut kontes jga sebenernyaa. tapi telat tau nya. heheee, next time harus ikuut aah
semoga kamu menaang yaa :)

poe mengatakan...

@ sari : hee.. sabar".. besok kita ikut lagi yaa klo ada contest lagii.. ok.. amiien.. smoga menang.. ^^

emaduel mengatakan...

love your white blazer :)


poe mengatakan...

@ ema : thx dear.. the blazer colour is baby pink..

Maya Irmayanti mengatakan...

halooooo puuuuuu

poe mengatakan...

@ may : hula may.. how r u??


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