Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

his graduation ceremony*

Assalammualaikum  gals..

Today is a big day to my b*y fr**nd  ^.^ because he has a college graduation in economic management..
Of course i came to Yusuf Abubakar auditorium in our university (Mataram University) to celebrate his graduation.. in there i meet a lot of my friend who haven't met for a long time.. especially my choir friends (Paduan Suara UNRAM).. i really miss them..

with alumnus choir

with graduation MC

putri and putri :D

finally the graduation ceremony is over.. and i meet him..

with him..

his friends
hey.. hey.. don't kiiss my boy.. :D

sorry gals.. i forget to take my full outfit.. :(  that's all..
see u .. salam..

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